Friday, 11 April 2014


1. Aqua Slide
I'm sooo ready for summer and it seems Miista is too with their on trend double leather strap slide sandals. Grab a pair here
2. The Long and Short of It
Ever since I posted an editorial featuring model Rosie Tupper I've not been able to get her hair out of my mind. I recently had my hair cut again after going for the big chop, but I have to admit I still don't feel satisfied. Maybe I need to go shorter...
My simple nail look for teen vogue
3.  Pretty Little Flower
Even when Madeline Poole focuses on creating something simple it still ends up being fabulously brilliant. I need these super cute flower decals in my life.
Chocolate Birthday Cake via Sweetapolita
4. Lick the icing off
It's my birthday next Friday and due to me being a complete and utter control freak in terms of celebratory occasions, I've already began scouting for the perfect birthday cake recipe. The idea of passing over the responsibility to someone else makes me almost break out in a cold sweat.
5. Quote of the day 
Sometimes all you can be is happy, sometimes you need to leave all the other emotions at the door and be happy in that moment in time. 

Happy Friday!



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Abbie said...

Love the sandals <3

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